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31 Dec

They overcame the struggles of their past, and now look towards the future.But that might be a more rocky road than Jared had first anticipated. Jensen and Misha have just entered a poly relationship with their wives, and Jensen is also worried about Valentine's Day given how unusual it will be.Inspired and based on the TV show Gilmore Girls but the story will not follow the TV show's storyline and I have changed it to fit my "vision" You don't need to have seen the show for the story to make sense Being a single father was never Jensen’s plan, but when his wife unexpectedly passes away just months after giving birth to their little girl, that is exactly what he becomes. He gets a little anxious at times, but he just wants to show the ones he loves, how much they mean to him Jared is a young man living in the city and making money by working as a waiter at a five-star restaurant.It was seventeen years ago that a twenty-year-old Jensen knocked up a naive eighteen-year-old Jared on a dinner party at his parent's house.But the fear of raising a child together had pulled them away.

England1814Jensen Ackles, 25, was the happiest and the luckiest man in the whole of the kingdom. Behind closed doors was an abusive family, troubled thoughts, and a stranger. Can the family of the supernatural cast help you through your troubles? The taller boy smirked at him, amusement shining in his eyes, he leaned until there was literally no space left between them and then…in a whisper.“Oh what I want darling is.....”ORJared Padalecki is a world-famous teenage pop sensation and heartthrob with 17 million worldwide single sales, 1 billion You Tube views and 8 billion worldwide album sales, but still the just a broken empty shell with a dysfunctional family.He had just returned from his travels with the oldest and dearest friend, he was but a fortnight away from marrying the woman of his dreams and in due course he was to inherit a large estate and even a larger fortune. Fate was smiling graciously upon him, showering him with her blessed gifts. You are a member of the supernatural cast and have been for two years. Due to finally being caught in a vicious circle of fame, media and scandal his manager and single mother forces him to finally reconcile with his married father with a second wife and a kid his age, whom he agrees to see anyways because he doesn’t care anymore.But just when they're starting to think about taking the next step, life puts them to the test again.Jensen receives news that makes his whole world collapse, and once again an impossible decision has to be announced the news on Instagram Saturday after his son and daughter were born on Friday, Dec. “Danneel, JJ and I are excited to announce the birth of our twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes,” Ackles wrote alongside a photo of Dr. “In an effort 2 squash some posers, my daughter is helping me start an Instagram profile,” he wrote.

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