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12 Mar

— The manufacturer will explain that “due to recent media attention, we cannot guarantee that [Skin Care Product Scam A] will be in stock”.

Other warning signs across the page will reinforce this scarce supply.

— Then, the website will list something that says “As of [Your Date], we have confirmed [Skin Care Product Scam A] is in stock. — These false supply/demand thing is created to trick you into thinking you need to purchase the skin cream as quickly as possible.

You’re expected to think: oh, so this trial isn’t totally free. You’ll also need to check a box confirming that you’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions.

Once you’ve accepted the fee and moved onto the next step, the real scam begins.

Once you’ve got to the next page, you might be immediately prompted to enter your credit card information to pay for the shipping and handling fee.The manufacturer will explain that they can’t just give away skin care products for free – they’re being such nice a nice manufacturer that you should at least be expected to pay shipping and handling.