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16 Apr

The new TG-1 Express LTE-A also delivers upload/download capabilities when installed with the GE/Interlogix Concord and Concord Express panels enabling remote panel management and configuration.

This capability is critical in the case of upgrades and takeovers, as well as essential to the growth and longevity of a security dealer’s business.

In addition, the TG-1 Express LTE-A falls back to the 3G/4G network in the event that the LTE network is not available, for extended network coverage.

Every time existing 2G hardware from any manufacturer is upgraded with the TG-1 Express LTE-A, a dealer can receive up to .

In addition, TG-1 Express LTE-A activations apply to the volume price discounts offered to Telguard Advantage Program (TAP) dealers. The Telguard TG-1 Express LTE-A, and all Telguard products and services, will be on display at ESX 2016, June 8-10 at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX in Telguard’s booth #220.

Telguard’s simple installation, reliable operation, and over 30 years of wireless experience have helped it grow to be one of the largest security communications solutions.