Travis mccoy dating 2016

28 Jun

Out of all lives he could have fulfilled, he picked a pretty awesome one.

All fills are requests that have been placed over the most recent weeks.


Y., after meeting drummer Matt Mc Ginley in his high school gym class.

Mc Coy has been focused on his upcoming second solo album, but Gym Class Heroes are getting renewed interest after their 2011 song "The Fighter" featuring One Republic's Ryan Tedder landed on the Democratic candidate's official Spotify playlist. "You never know who's gonna react to things that you've been through or things that you're expressing, and the fact that Hillary Clinton is into my music -- I'm stoked!

Cracking his eyes open he saw where Travie was looking and the guy looked like he was going to spontaneously orgasm right there as he saw Pete's belly pressing tight against his jeans, denim cutting into the skin, looking like the button would pop any moment.

"Holy shit this is fucking hot." I set up a week where I (patri) will be publishing non-verse canon but still non-sexual ageplay bandom fills on the verse tumblr.

They spent the summer of 2008 on Warped Tour, released their next album, , in September and received an AP cover in support. 14 on the Billboard Top 200, selling 32,000 units in its first week. At The Disco drummer Spencer Smith Following ’s cycle, the band went on a quiet hiatus in order for members to pursue other ventures.