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11 Feb

Sarah Gregory has burst onto the spanking scene in recent years.When he comes to visit me and me him, I do get to do a lot of off camera spanking, but this is only maybe every other month or so. My website is doing pretty good for being so new, better than I thought.It has been so fun doing all my shooting, editing, and all the work myself…yes hard work…but work I find fulfilling and enjoy.I hear you’re a spokeswoman for a paddle manufacturer. Being a girl, I also love brightly colored things and being able to have paddles like this rocks.I also like a paddle that is lighter and stingy vs. I want to feel it, and hear it, but I don’t want a mark there a week later. I have a bunch of leather products from Ian at the London Tanners and Cane-iac.

Based on this experience, I got labelled as having a low tolerance…well it was my first damn time getting spanked, of course I would need to work up a tolerance over time, which I know realize.

I currently have a medium to high tolerance and can gradually keep taking more and more. Deep down, I really consider my first spanking experience off camera to be more of what I had in mind and expected.

I was determined at that point to watch it in as many mainstream movies as I could, look it up in the dictionary, and play school with my friends to try to get them to spank me.

The idea of spanking was so interesting to me, but at the same time I felt like there was something “wrong” with me for thinking these thoughts, so I hid them from everyone and was quite embarrassed at the mention of spanking around me. My very first spanking was not something that I had expected.

Do you find time to get spanked off-camera any more? We have become close in the scene and attend most parties together now.

He has topped me on my website and will be doing quite a bit more. Weird as it may sounds since I used to not get spanked by men, but he is great and there for me emotionally and for spanking me.

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