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was this foray south to the Kingsale area just an investment? A later tax list of Chowan County, NC mentions one Thomas Boon as “a Virginian”… So I assume it is this guy who gets the 1724 Virginia patent on the NC/VA border at Meherrin River. around 1720 a Thomas Boon in Chowan County is referred to as Thomas Boon “Junior”. If the North Carolina Thomas Boon is referenced in this 1713 deed… this is next to where Carolus Anderson gets his patent in 1726… he also had John Bryan as his power of attorney which seems to indicate he may have been living near the Maherrin River near Carolus Anderson? Here are some notes on 3 other of the “apparent” brothers: Joseph Boon d.1728 sons James Joseph Thomas Ratlif daughters Mary Elizabeth James Boon d.1733 wife Elizabeth sons none named in will daughters Mary m. From the above though, it seems plausible that Nicholas may be the culprit… per the NC patent of 1668- that Thomas Boon is likely born prior to 1648. B Boon is still alive and his death date is undetermined…. it is not impossible but very unlikely in my opinion. and below is another image of the 1705 sig mark to compare… From that I conjecture that at least William Boon may have been around NC as early as 1706???

without re-writing anything below, I am now of the opinion that there was never a Thomas Boon property record dating to 1668. The “earliest” record of a Boon that I can even remotely consider to be a progenitor is the Nich Boon of 1667 or so in Isle of Wight, VA.

I also cannot connect any history to that Nich Boon of IOW… So I am left with only questions concerning the early 1700s Boons of NC.

He still has the land on the “upper” Mathew Strickland patent and he is dealing 1713/1714. This is Mathew Strickland “Jr” and wife Anne: Matthew (M) STRICKLAND made his will in Isle of Wight County on July 14, 1730, and it was probated on October 25, 1730. it is on the VA and NC border at the Meherrin River. My guess is that he was still alive per the 1731 Pierce deed mentioned earlier. CHOWAN PRECINCT NORTH CAROLINA Chowan Co., NC Deed Book B #1 pg. William Boon to Carolus Anderson, May 13, 1728 , ” for and in Consideration of a full and Valuable Consideration in money to me in hand already paid by Carolus Anderson” 200 A part of 423 Ac tract granted to Boon Dec. I live in Florida which is a long drive to the Chowan records. he had sons Nicholas and William (who likely signed the will of Carolus) and he had a daughter Mary. B.” Boon of which I am still gathering data (proof). Boon who came from Isle of Wight was the son of the T. I am curious where the 1723 death date of “a” Thomas Boon ‘supposedly’ of Isle of Wight came from? This seems to prove that the Thomas Boon with wife Elizabeth Strickland witnessed the will of Joseph Boon in 1728. That seems to be the earliest “North Carolina” date that I can attribute to any of these Boons.

Ratcliff Boon seems to stay on the old Thomas Boon property on Horse Swamp (acquired from Mathew Strickland)… his son adds a few acres in 1771: Ratcliff Boon appears to die intestate about 1752 or so when he divides his land to his sons: 1715 -The Great Book, p. to James Millikin, 20 pds for 200 acres on NS Roanoke River, bounded by deed given from William Boon, on Beaverdown Branch, part of a patent of 600 acres granted William Boon on March 5, 1712. Strickland William Boon died intestate; he was married to Elizabeth ____. But his brothers begin dying off about this time (Joseph Boon died 1728… 3, 1720, on Meherrin River, “Beginning at a hickory tree upon the Great gutt thence running by line of marked trees adjoyning to Jos Boon to the river so down the river to the Country line and along the Country line to the river agin thence down the river to the Great Gutt begun upon and up to the beginning place” 20 £ 600 acres on the south side of Meherrin River, joining William Boon, meadow branch, John Pace and Braswell all houses, orchards, etc. Forster, J Pratt NC Ct 1730 All these SIMS boys and William Little lived near Occoneeche Neck. But then the intestate William Boon may have named sons the same? I bequeath to my Lawful wife my bed and furniture and my horse Tobe and a horse Cate. I am unable to “grab” an image of the 1728 will of Joseph Boon from the NC Archives site (the damn thing won’t load as an image… B.” Boon as a witness) Note where Rasberry (Rasbury) winds up with a patent in 1713… I am suspect that a Thomas Boon who obtained land in NC in 1668 would still be alive and kicking in 1728… B.” Boon as the other documents above signed the will of Joseph Boon in 1728 ( I would lean to the idea it was a brother). ===================================== A hat tip to Forrest King… King offers some interesting snippets of info concerning one Nicholas Boon of Isle of Wight in his piece on Mathew Strickland. “Descendants of Mathew Strickland (1648-1696) Through Four Generations,” North Carolina Genealogical Journal, Vol.

the one on the 1721 Chowan list is Thomas “A” Boone (remember that the IOW Thomas had a “mark” of a capital T with a B on the stem. even if a bit younger she would be up to dying also about this time… I have gone to great pains in another Page on William Browne being the son of John Browne (Indian Trader of Nansemond). 9, 1724., Part of a patent for 600 AC granted William Bennett, dated 1723-land on S/S Meherrin River adj.

In that compilation I arrived at the conclusion that a sister of William Browne was Elizabeth who married John Joyner.

123 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) – March 8, Ratcliff received a 200 acres lease, adjoining his father -(recorded Nov 25, 1717)-lease was released March 10, 1715 (wife is listed as Olive) ————– 1723 – The Great Book, p. 591 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) -March 23-Ratcliff bought 75 acres, adjoining his own acreage, part of a patent of Matthew Strickland ———— 1745 -Deed Book 7, p. There is a Chancery Court case about 1799 which lists his widow Patience and sons William, Jesse and Sion. CFN=093-1801-005 ———————————– My interest in the Boons are the (possible? It is easy to throw your hands in the air, storm off, get stinking drunk and swear off genealogy forever when trying to dig up these bones. now in the actual possession of William Boon as by patent to me 5 April 1720. [C 364] William Boon to William Little 150£ for 550 acres surveyed for James Boon, on WS of Mirey Meadow. I think William Little is identified on the 1733 Moseley Map. Witness my hand and Seal this 10th day of February 1752 Sign’d Seal’d and acknowledg’d to be the Last Will & Testam’t of Carolus Anderson in presence of Carolus CA Anderson his mark/seal Nicholus Boon William Boon Jurant So… An avenue of hope for further research is the CHOWAN deeds and records. I viewed some a couple of years ago at the Raleigh Archives but did not have time to muddle through the details. Will of William Brown – recorded 21 July 1719 [SS 341 p 84 NC wills] In the name of God Amen, this 15th day of December in the year of our Lord God 1718 – I William Brown in ye county of Albermarle in ye province of North Carolina, am sick and week . I bequeath to my eldest son John ye Manner Plantation and one hundred and fifty acres of land; to my son Thomas one hundred and fifty acres of land joyning to his brother John; to my son Jacob one hundred and fifty acres of land up Cyprus gritt joying upon his brother Thomas; to my daughter Ann one hundred and fifty acres of land lying upon the head of her brother John; to John Carver fifty acres of land and ye place which his father was kild lying between two branches; to my daughter Martha one hundred and fifty acres of land joining upon Carver; to my daughter Mary one hundred and fifty acres of land between Martha and ye head line; to my daughter Sarah one hundred and fifty acres of land and ye southmost fork. (see my map above for details) Here is a transcript of Joseph Boon’s will of 1728: Joseph Boon Will, Bertie Pct., NC-Written: Feb.19,1728 Prov: October 19, 1728 (Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va I Joseph Boon: Being very sick and weak of body but in perfect memory: Do give and dispose of what worldly estate God hath been pleased to endow me with: I give and dispose after this manner following: First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it. Item: I give unto my sister Martha Bayley a hifer and calf …….. Since a son of Joseph Boon (Thomas) is a devisee in the will, I don’t think he could also be a witness.

591 -Oct 28-Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Boon, his wife, gave a lease deed of 180 acres, adjoining Ratcliff Boon (their son) on Horse Swamp, rec. 258 (Isle of Wight Co, Va) -Nov 25-Ratcliff deeded 140 acres adjoining his other acreage to his son, James, witnessed by Thomas Boon ————– 1752 -Deed Book 8, page 444 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) -Ratcliff deeded 150 acres on the north side of Main Blackwater Swamp to his son, Ratcliff Jr, witnessed by another son, Jamed, recorded March 5, 1752 ————– 1752 -Deed Book 8, page 463 (Isle of Wight Co, VA) -Ratcliff deeded his plantation, 150 acres, to his son, Jacob-recorded June 4, 1752 From the deeds above it appears Ratcliff Boon had three sons… The patent of 1771 shown above is for Ratcliff Boon Junior… (Notice that the land description references Horse Swamp and “Stricklings” property… They proliferated like rabbits and used the same names to great confusion. One Thomas Boon removed from IOW around 1723 and settled nearby to Carolus Anderson on the VA/NC border at Maherrin River. he died 1752 and his will was witnessed by Nicholas and William Boon. One William Boon leaves a single record that I have found in IOW… The Pierce, Wrayford (Rayford) properties in IOW were within a mile or so of the Boon home property of the original Strickland patent. 100 A sold to John Bobbit; 100 acres sold to Henry Simes, where Chas. I’m thinking the parents (first generation) are illiterate and the sons (second generation) “lernt to spel”! Signatures and Land references may help sort out the mysteries. The remaining part of ye land I leave holy and truly to my sonnes disposing. Nicholas “could” be the one who signed Carolus Anderson’s will in 1752? Hmmm…figure out exactly where George Seller’s land was in 1754… ======================================================================================================================== A bit of an update… And my body to be buried After a decent manner, According as my Executors shall feel Convenient. ye: Item: I give to my son Thomas Boon my Siord: ( sword) Item: I give unto my son James Boon one iron pot and a small one when he comes of ye age Sixteen years: Item: I give unto my two daughters Mary and Elizabeth, for each of them one Cow and Calf: Item: I give unto my Loving wife Mary Rest of my moveable estate …. for her to enjoy during her life and afterwards to be disposed to among my children: And I desire my two young horses to be sold and ye produce of them to be disposed toward ye payment of my debts: I appoint my Loving wife Executor of this my Last Will and Testament: The Last will and Testament of Joseph Boon Testator: To witness my hand This 19th day of Feb: 1728 Joseph Boon ( his mark (an E)) Witness our hands: signed sealed in ye presence of us Thomas Boon (his mark ( a T and B on the same vertical line) Nathaniel Cooper ( in the same hand as the rest of the will) 1728-October 19, Will was probated source: that Sadie Sparks opines: “(Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va” .

seemingly both his) Thomas Mandeu Thomas Smith Martha (X) Brown abstract by Marc Anderson 2013 Obviously I disagree… Arthur Allen, Southmark, Surry Co, VA 1712 The Estate of Maj. William Boon to Carolus Anderson, May 13, 1728 , ” for and in Consideration of a full and Valuable Consideration in money to me in hand already paid by Carolus Anderson” 200 A part of 423 Ac tract granted to Boon Dec.

The William Boon who signed Carolus’s will could sign his name.

But the fact that he left property to him could show a relationship. So this appears to be the reason some folks think the Thomas Boon of Virginia was the progenitor of the NC Boons… Especially when I think I have proved that Thomas Boon was still kicking when he signed the Will of Joseph Boon in 1728.

and I am unsure of another so-called proof that William Boon and William Browne were brothers-in-law. Arthur Allen, Deceased To pd William Boon 430 (I think the son of Allen had property in Southampton, VA… ) Here is the earliest date I can associate with the Thomas Boon of Virginia (married daughter of Strickland) December 8, , Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY. 3, 1720, on Meherrin River, “Beginning at a hickory tree upon the Great gutt thence running by line of marked trees adjoyning to Jos Boon to the river so down the river to the Country line and along the Country line to the river agin thence down the river to the Great Gutt begun upon and up to the beginning place” Willm (X) Boon Wits: Richard(R) Bayley, Natha Cooper Bertie prect., May Court Do you know of anything earlier?