Date intersexual

11 Jul

It took years of genetics research and case studies to fill in the gaps.

While that might have worked fine for doctors and parents, they didn’t bother to check in with Mother Nature.

It turns out that our gender roles aren’t as socially constructed as we thought they were.

And if those kids decide to have their genitals surgically reshaped at a later time, that will be their choice.

As we have discovered, only a very small percentage of Intersex people who are raised this way go on to change gender or feel bi-gendered.

Just yesterday a transgender friend I've know for decades told me "I was diagnosed with AIS as a teen, but that's not an intersex condition, is it?

" I noticed my body's ambiguity well before I had any gender issues and it was my body I first sought answers for.

(An exception is an intersex condition called AIS, which I will discuss below.) Unfortunately, many people who were Intersex were dealt a crushing blow by psychologists and surgeons who felt they knew better than nature.

These psychologists assumed we learn our gender roles as we are growing up, as opposed to biology having a strong influence.

The situation is made even more muddled by definitions and statements made to deliberately "other" the opposite side or to elevate a preferred issue over other issues rather than make an evidence-based description of reality.

I fall into the intersex community because one of my testis failed to develop and remained as a fetal ovary.

My other testis failed to fully mature to normal adult size.

I did take on a male appearance with a female brain.