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02 Aug

The prevalence of stories involving children who put themselves in dangerous situations through texting or chatting with an online “friend” is alarming.Fluet is Harris’ 55 arrest this year, the third arrest off Mocospace.In fact, in the last eight years, Harris has helped put more than 500 other child sexual predators behind bars.Taking time to talk to your kids about the dangers of sex trafficking and risk of abduction helps to train them in situational awareness and safety.Guarding your family from the dangers of sex trafficking begins — but does not end — with your active involvement as a parent.

in a manner that is age-appropriate and direct about the realities of the world they live in.Encourage them to be open and honest with you regarding their relationships.Fluet was arrested on suspicion of internet sexual exploitation of a child and criminal attempt soliciting for child prostitution."Any time someone asks to meet with a child under the age of 15 for sex they’ve committed a crime.However, if every parent took a good look at their child’s digital devices, many would be surprised at what they found.