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15 May

We conclude, therefore, that , who have both had children, each as man and woman, are childish fables, drawn from the heart of ignorance in the love of marvels, so difficult to dismantle.

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Ann Arbor: Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library, 2003.

Originally published as "Hermaphrodite," Hermaphrodite. A person who has both sexes, or the natural parts of man and woman.

This term comes to us from the Greeks; they composed it of the name of a god and a goddess, in order to express in one word, according to custom, the mix or the conjunction of Mercury and Venus, whom they believed to have presided over the birth of this extraordinary being.

He had no sooner seen it than he declared that this boy had a prolapsed uterus; accordingly, he reduced the prolapse, and cured her perfectly.Thus the inexplicable enigma of , in this subject, turned out to be clearer than day.One could raise this question in the times of ignorance; one should no longer propose it during the enlightened centuries.If nature wanders sometimes in the production of man, it does not go as far as metamorphoses, confusions of substances, and perfect assemblages of two sexes.All of the following is equally true for both sexes: although nature can sometimes hide a woman in the exterior of a man, this exterior, this superficial bark, this appearance, does not impress enlightened men, and and does not make this woman into a man.If there have been men who passed for a woman, it is certainly via ambivalent characteristics; but it is during the age which is the season of pleasures that the profusion of life, the source of force and of health, can no longer be contained inside, and searches in this happy age to be seen outside, announces itself, and definitively succeeds.

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