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20 Aug

If you've recently purchased a new Verizon cell phone, you must activate or program the phone before it will work.

Recent 3G releases, often denoted 3.5G and 3.75G, also provide mobile broadband access of several Mbit/s to smartphones and mobile modems in laptop computers.

The following standards are typically branded 3G: The above systems and radio interfaces are based on spread spectrum radio transmission technology.

Verizon tells its customers that there are several benefits to regular *228 updates.

These include longer battery life, fewer dropped calls, clearer connections and greater geographical coverage.

If you already have a working cell phone, you should update the roaming capabilities of the phone each month to prevent accidental roaming overage charges.

You can perform both of these tasks directly from the phone itself by dialing a special number then specifying whether you wish to program or update the phone. This procedure is different for each phone, but must phones power on when press the "End" button and hold it down for approximately three seconds.

Several telecommunications companies market wireless mobile Internet services as 3G, indicating that the advertised service is provided over a 3G wireless network.

Services advertised as 3G are required to meet IMT-2000 technical standards, including standards for reliability and speed (data transfer rates).

Roaming extends your phone's connectivity even if you leave the geographical coverage of your home service area.

Verizon's Preferred Roaming List is the software that handles the roaming process for your phone.

If you wish to update roaming capabilities on your phone, skip this step.

Press the "2" key on your phone to update the roaming capability of your phone.