Samuel l jackson dating daughter

05 Aug

Talking about Jackson personal life, he is married to actress and sports channel producer Richardson and they reside in California.

At the end of universe."This is a movie about comic books," he recently teased to Digital Spy.

"Not a comic book movie, but a movie about comic books."The outline is almost 10 pages. It has its own special story."] is three girls who get abducted by a guy who believes he's all these people and he says another personality is coming to get them – that's a really cool idea."And then the third one should have its own cool idea separate from the fact that it's related to those two movies.

Further he also he starred in the Little role of the biopic Coach Carter, Star War: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith.

Edit The Guinness Book of World Records named Samuel L.

Jackson played Jules Winnfield, a sermon-spewing killer with eruptive speeches which was 5 page long, he received an Academy Award nomination for the role.

Edit Samuel Jackson starred in the military thriller Rules of Engagement and in the remake of the classic 1970s blaxploitation hit Shaft with Tommy Lee Jones, and also costarred with Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, directed and written by M. Edit Jackson starred in Changing Lances opposite to Ben Affleck, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.

His current Net Worth is estimated to be in 0 million.

Edit Actor Jackson performed skits about racial inequality with the theatre company.

The lovely couple is blessed with a child, daughter Zoe.

According to the sources; when a reporter asked Jackson if his wife stayed with him during his wilder years?

They together toured the country and performed skits characterized by a fiery combination of rage and humor to primarily white audiences.

After some time Jackson moved Harlem, Newyork with Richardson and became friends with Spike Lee and Lee helped him to land on his first movie.