Punck busted dont updating

12 Apr

There’s also a desktop client called DJI Assistant that can update the drone.

I have a fair few updates to install now due to this; I can find the updates but Windows Update just won't download them at all.

In the picture link I've included I decided to just try and install a few updates rather than the full amount, and it's still insisted on saying 0% downloaded for half an hour.

The company is treating this one much more seriously.

The new update for the 0 Spark aircraft includes improvements to the flight and takeoff stability, as well as adding support for DJI’s VR goggles.

You don’t want to put this update off until a later date, either.

There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to revive the drone after missing this deadline.

The reason for all the aggressive behavior is the tweaked battery firmware in this update.

Owners of the Spark have been reporting rare instances where the drone loses power during flight and falls out of the sky.

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