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09 Mar

February 5, 2018 (Toronto, ON) — National Post is pleased to announce the launch of two new features for Financial Post (FP) readers – Watchlist and Alerts. will they be able to support me if I get a bad news? Pretending I`m not waiting to hear if I have cancer or not?? Right now I'm seeing that the home doesn't want to run itself. Even you'd try not to know, they will find you ;-) Sharing? In fact I think it is a very important subject that should become part of high-school education! it is what it is ;-) they will take care of you, and they won't let to waste any of your days. It is a big group of women going thru treatment, in all different stages. Sep 29, 2011 PM llm005 wrote: Hi guys I too am in the Ottawa area. Have been around this particular block once already -- first time at age 30, almost 20 years ago. Like the Muskoka idea -- won't get your mind completely off it, but it could help. L Oct 3, 2011 PM - edited Oct 4, 2011 PM by Kyta Hi Caro…you're doing ok in the 'waiting room'. Hello forever_mummy, Nanna Baby and llm005…nice to see other Ottawa ladies on this discussion board. Mich Oct 4, 2011 PM Forever_mummy wrote: Doing really well today! I am feeling a bit lonely in this as my family is far (Qc) Thnaks again for being there... Somehow, my biggest worry is the ones who should support me... Carolyne Sep 28, 2011 PM - edited Sep 28, 2011 PM by Forever_mummy Perfect support: 5 and 11. With cancer it is what it is, not to many choices to fix what needs to be fixed. I recommend asking the social worker at the breast health clinic about the support group called stepping stones. It took forever to get my results and the waiting was crappy. IIm005, I might take u up on your offer to meet and talk once I get a hold of myself. "To make sure that everybody — professors, staff, students —have a chance to direct this task force, to engage in this task force, and to really make sure we collectively come up with a set of recommendations and tools to combat rape culture on our campus." He said the task for has the support of more than 200 people both on and off campus. "We are united against the culture of rape that is happening, that is pervasive in our society and especially, as we've seen recently, on our campus," Wolfe said."This work happens on a day-to-day basis and it is not simply going to stop because the university has all of a sudden woken up to a PR nightmare." University of Ottawa president Allan Rock announced last week a new "Task Force on Respect and Equality" will report back in the fall with specific recommendations on how to promote respectful behaviour on campus.

Whatever ;-) Anyway, I'll be waiting patiently with you. Caro Sep 30, 2011 PM caro46 wrote: No results yet... Still tough though to come to terms with hearing the 'cancer' word. We all know what you're going through, and are here to support you.