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06 Jan

But that figure could soar to 114 degrees by 2050, and 122 degrees by 2100 -- extremes the researchers say could have "important consequences for human health and society."Study lead author Jos Lelieveld, director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and a professor at The Cyprus Institute, says the change in climate could jeopardize the very existence of the area's 500 million inhabitants.Between 19, heat waves in the region lasted an average of 16 days, according to the findings.Under the researchers' more moderate scenario, the average length could reach 80 days by mid-century and 118 days by 2100.Some exhausted residents have stopped attending mosque and are looking for an alternative to the religiosity that was once central to their lives.Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, was less strictly observed this year in eastern Mosul after the Iraqi military forced out IS.

Abu Abdullah, sitting on a plastic chair outside his shop, says many men joined IS not because they were convinced by its ideology but because of disaffection with government corruption."Daesh (IS) gained popularity because of injustice.

If the injustice remains, maybe these youths will revert to that," he said.

Following the group's defeat in Mosul this month in a US-backed offensive, billboards have gone up on a main road hailing the city as the cradle of civilization and showing landmarks dating back to the days of Mesopotamia.

It is, Jeber says, a unique moment to rebuild Mosul's multicultural identity and combat radical Islamism."It's an opportunity and it's just the right time to do it because if you talked to any Mosulawi about that before (IS), nobody would accept it.

He formed a government-backed militia last year to arrest and interrogate suspected militants in areas retaken from IS but now intends to use it to secure heritage sites.