Assumptions made carbon dating

05 Jan

We conclude that the part of the carbon pool that is particularly vulnerable to decomposition at short and long time scales needs better quantification.

Finally, we examine the potential impact of carbon product labeling, discussing methodological and trade challenges and proposing a framework for choosing products best suited for labeling.► Economic theory provides rationale for product information on carbon footprint.

► Small but growing evidence that labels will affect demand and product choice.

Next, we consider the role of governments and nongovernmental organizations, concluding that international, multistakeholder organizations have a critical part to play in setting protocols and standards.

We argue that it is important to consider the entire life cycle of a product being labeled and develop an international standard for measurement and reporting.

For more on this, see Ai G’s radiometric dating FAQ page at

The point is that radiometric dating is not the sure thing that it has been made out to be over the last century.