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18 Mar

Now scientists calculate that this female Greenland shark was the Earth's oldest living animal with a backbone.Most of us expect to live around 80-90 years at this point, given the average life expectancy.Maybe we can hit a 100, if we hang on long enough to take advantage of life-extending medical advancements.Lowe, in an email, said "the rule of thumb is deep and cold = old when it comes to fishes." "I don't know why they get as old, but I hope someone will find out," Nielsen said.For the age estimates, he uses a complex and indirect system that combines chemical tracking, mathematical modeling and growth measurements. Those form while the shark is still developing inside the mother's uterus and measures of carbon in them won't change after birth, so it gives a good, rough sense of when the shark was born.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shark expert Allen Andrews said the dating method "is novel and is likely robust" but he said there are still a number of uncertainties.In 1620, the Mayflower set off from Plymouth, carrying hopeful pilgrims to the New World.In 1936, a Danish researcher managed to measure and tag one of these reclusive beasts.When he recaptured it in 1952, it had grown by just 8 centimeters—a rate of half a centimeter a year.