Lindsay lohan dating

24 Jul

She had to go through trials and was sent off to rehabilitation centre, so that she can be cured off her bad habits and addictions.

In spite of having so many men and women in her life, Lindsay is presently single and ready to mingle, perhaps, depending on her nature.

Some people do have a long list exes but if you glance upon Lindsay’s list, you will come to understand what long is!

reader, might have heard from Liftn, the weightlifting site, that Lindsay Lohan is dating Je-Yong Ha, a wealthy Korean bodybuilder who calls himself the “Korean Hulk.” The story made the rounds this weekend, spreading beyond the site’s core readership via Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere.

It’s a conceit that would give anyone pause, the actress and the bodybuilder.

Well, his name is Je-yong Ha, and he's known as the "Korean Hulk" due to how he resembles the Marvel Comics character.

It's said that he's not only a billionaire, but he's also a championship powerlifter and arm wrestler. Who's to say; she's been spending a lot of time overseas, and one has to imagine that these rich birds of a feather would at some point flock together.

A source close to Lohan, however, told So, no, Lohan has not found new love in Je-Yong Ha despite appearances. They probably have plenty to talk about, these two.

And we’ll just have to keep rooting for Lohan to find love (if that’s what she wants).

When asked if she was seeking a relationship, she simply said: ''I've had enough of them.''Lindsay has been in the public eye since she became a child star after her role in 1998's 'The Parent Trap', and as a result her relationships have often hit the headlines.