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29 Jun

Also her niece Lucy came to visit, and who knows who her mother was. First of all her mother visited in season 1 but was never mentioned again excpet for a brief off the cuff remark by Rose in a later season that said she wiched her parents were still alive. "Blanche has two daughters Rebecca and Janet(who had a 15 year old boy who visited the girls in season 1, yet also had a 7 year old the final season and then an entire new family when she herself visited when Rose had the heartattack."Not to mention that when Janet visited at the end of Season 7, she would have been the mother of a 21-year-old (her son David having been 15 when he visted in Season 1), yet the actress playing Janet looks to be in her twenties herself.That would make her 41 when the show started which she was supposed to be at least 55.Furthermore if Sophia was 80 in 1985 when the show stared that would mean she was 39 when she had Dorothy who was her oldest child which would mean she had Gloria and Phil in her mid 40's.Also re: Kirsten - they never explained when, or why, Kirsten uprooted her family from St.Olaf (where she was living in Season 1) and moved to some location a couple of hours away from Miami).

a patch job (which probably won't work) which costs "a couple of hundred". I've only just started watching the golden girls and the inconsistencies were very confusing.They then go in the kitchen, and Rose says "We can't afford ,000! As r16 says, that would seem to indicate they're living on the edge of bankruptcy... She grew up in a wealthy family and her late husband George had quite a bit of money. I've never read the other thread so I'm glad there's a part 2. Why did Rose and Dorothy constantly wear sweaters in the sweltering heat of subtropical Miami where the humidity is often around 99%? Perhaps this is not inconsistent to the reality of New Yorkers, but the jokes that involved being verbally abusive of Rose never struck me as at all funny.Bradlee, Journalist – Executive Editor of The Washington Post (1968-1991), responsible for the uncovering of the Watergate scandal – age 9325 – Jack Bruce, Musician – bass guitarist, singer and songwriter for the group Cream (1966-68) – age 7125 – Marica Strassman, Actress – Julie Kotter in “Welcome Back, Kotter” – age 6611 – Carol Ann Susi, Actress – voice of Mrs.