Zippo lighter dating code

16 Apr

Original boxes, labels, and printed inserts add considerably to the collectibility of the lighter.

Zippo Click provides an opportunity for serious and casual collectors alike to share their interest in Zippo lighters.

For many, collecting Zippo lighters has become a hobby, and for some, it has even become a business.

Determining the date of a Zippo lighter is fun and easy. Blaisdell offered a lifetime guarantee, the bottom of each Zippo lighter made since the mid-1950s was encoded with a series of markings so he could identify which run of lighters was being returned for repairs. Blaisdell has become a collector's dream and a way to precisely date most Zippo lighters.

Over the years, the date code format has been modified, most recently in 2001 .

Some individuals believe that an "A" lighter is better than an "H" lighter.For date codes including Roman numerals, the higher the Roman numeral, the higher the quality.In light of the ever-growing international interest in the Zippo windproof lighter, we are pleased to present this guide as an introduction to the novice lighter collector. It is not meant to be a complete guide to Zippo lighter identification or collecting. The collectibles market is extremely volatile and any given piece is worth only whatever someone else wants to pay to begin or complete a collection.Collecting Zippo lighters is about fun, about history, about people.

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