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04 Apr

- Tablets for single boys to get a girlfriend on Valentines Day.If you’re using a recipe that calls for all-purpose flour, like this monkey bread recipe, start by substituting half with white whole wheat flour and go from there.Another tip is to let the dough rest for 10-15 minutes to let it absorb the wet ingredients fully, which will help make the final product lighter.Perfect timing as I was looking for some inspiration for Father’s Day.While the hubby has always been an enthusiastic and game taste tester for all my baking experiments, I do try to give him he really likes on his special day.

Although monkey bread is typically made in a bundt pan, I found using a cast iron pan works perfectly well.The hot pan also helps create a wonderfully crisp caramelized crust of sugar on the exterior of the bread, making it extra delicious when you bite in.Another bizarre twist to the tale (no pun intended) came when it was revealed the "assault" supposedly occurred sometime between September and December of 2015. Instead of doing the waltz, something else allegedly occurred that was strictly a no-no under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). So far, the word RAPE has not been mentioned, so at least Fox - worst case scenario - won't face 30 years hard-time at the Leavenworth DB.In addition, there was another complaint that Fox supposedly pressed his thigh (or some nearby part of his anatomy) against the leg of his "victim." Oh, my God! But it kind of looks like his four years at the AFA in Colorado Springs has been a bust. As we used to say in the old days, "close, but no cigar." AIR FORCE ACADEMY CADET GOES ON TRIAL IN COLORADO FOR SEX ASSAULT AND SECOND DEGREE KIDNAPPING - DANIEL RYERSON ACCUSED OF "TAKING ADVANTAGE'' OF DRUNK FEMALE CADET ILLICIT INTERCOURSE ALLEGED TO HAVE TAKEN PLACE IN BOULDER, COLORADO HOTEL LAST YEARAIR FORCE ACADEMY CADET CONVICTED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT - DANIEL RYERSON FACES YEARS IN PRISON - WILL BE SENTENCED ON JANUARY 12 IN BOULDER, COLORADO - THE UPPERCLASSMAN FOUND GUILTY OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DRUNKEN FEMALE CADETFORMER AIR FORCE ACADEMY CADET GETS JAIL TIME AND PROBATION AFTER CONVICTION ON SEX CHARGES - UPPERCLASSMAN DANIEL RYERSON WOULD HAVE GRADUATED THIS YEAR - NOW CONVICTED RAPIST WILL NEVER BE OFFICER - DUG HIS OWN GRAVE WITH HIS DICKYET ANOTHER AIR FORCE ACADEMY CADET FACES SEX CHARGES - MARK CZERNER SCHEDULED TO HAVE ARTICLE 32 HEARING MONDAY - ACCUSED OF TWO COUNTS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT, AND ONE HE HAD UNLAWFUL CONTACT WITH FEMALE "VICTIM" SAID TO HAVE TOUCHED HER BREAST AND INNER THIGH - AFA DECLINES TO IDENTIFY WOMAN AS CADET IN ALLEGED ATTACK WHICH INVESTIGATORS SAY TOOK PLACE ON ACADEMY GROUNDSAIR FORCE ACADEMY KICKS OUT CADET STAR FOOTBALL PLAYER ASHER CLARK GETS THE BOOT FOR AN ALLEGED DRUG RAP SECOND LEADING RUSHER IN AFA HISTORY "BOUNCED" JUST DAYS BEFORE GRADUATION WILL CLARK HAVE TO PAY BACK GOVERNMENT FOR HIS FOUR YEARS COLLEGE EDUCATION?, they print (or make up) whatever they consider "news" i.e.anything critical at all of President Donald Trump, whom they hope to drive from office.While cinnamon’s a natural addition for monkey bread, I also added some chocolate pieces for extra decadence.