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24 Feb

Charities praised Mr Hunt for highlighting the plight of lonely older people, but said the Government should do more to address the problem.

Andrea Sutcliffe, the chief inspector, will “act as a champion of the people who use the services – the nation’s whistleblower-in-chief”, Mr Hunt will say.

From April, inspectors will start visiting 25,000 care homes to give them ratings that will then be made easily available to the public.

And uncomfortable though it is to say it, it will only start with changes in the way we personally treat our own parents and grandparents.” Many Asian families choose to live with elderly relations instead of putting them into residential care.

However, Mr Hunt’s aides insisted he is not telling British families to follow that example, and the minister will defend those who choose a care home for their parents.

“We’re Hindus, but it’s not about if you’re a Hindu or Christian, it’s about sharing love.It doesn’t matter what religion or race you are, we just want to share love,” he said.“It was the best Christmas she ever had,” Deepen said.Every year since, they have opened their doors so people like Dot can experience some festive cheer.“Each and every lonely person has someone who could visit them and offer companionship.A forgotten million who live amongst us – ignored to our national shame.” He will also suggest that Britain can learn from countries such as China and Japan about how to treat older people.The intervention comes a day after a government commission led by Alan Milburn said that the growing number of elderly people in Britain could bankrupt the welfare state unless better-off pensioners are stripped of some of their benefits.Ministers distanced themselves from Mr Milburn’s advice, but he claimed many senior politicians privately back him.

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