Leopard not updating

04 Aug

Chrono Sync's latest release brings lots of improvements and fixes, including changes for High Sierra's APFS file system: • The filesystem validation logic employed when scanning the contents of folders will now try to adapt to inconsistencies detected in the file system rather than immediately throwing an error.(See blog and FAQ for more details.) Simpleum Check 1.0.0 is a free download for OS X 10.11 and up.Server discussion continues with descriptions of some remarkable setups, notes on various cloud storage options and issues, backup software, archiving media and methods and more.Checks are sorted into "Basic", "Professional" and "Paranoid" levels and color-coded to show whether the item is set safely or in a more risky way.You can override individual recommendations as you see fit, but the checklist is detailed, extensive, unique and highly useful.

You can schedule tasks, customize rules/filters, define scripts that can run multiple syncs simultaneously, automatically archive deleted or replaced files, use NFS file servers and more.Chrono Sync 4.8.4 is priced at .99 for OS X 10.8 and up with a 15-day trial available.• Addressed an issue where, during certain times of the week in certain locales, databases did not open in File Maker Web Direct using Chrome or Edge, and a message incorrectly stating that cookies were disabled was displayed.• mac OS High Sierra 10.13: Some options were not visible in the Save As dialog boxes until the dialog boxes were resized.This is because High Sierra is reporting a lot of inconsistencies, especially with SMB mounted file servers.• Implemented an alternate technique for aggregating package files that is much faster on APFS file systems.We now use optimal package aggregation techniques depending on whether we are accessing an APFS or HFS filesystem.• When synchronizing the Recovery volume as part of an APFS bootable backup, we now dump the Recovery synchronizer’s log to the console if any errors were generated.