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22 May

Disclaimer: I tested all of these myself on Windows 10.

This option is useful if your Money file is password protected, but you don't want to use the -p option in your shortcut.

Obviously placing the password in the shortcut is insecure because the password is in plain text in the shortcut properties.

After this is setup, you’d then need to simply run MSMoney Quotes with the -r option, and will no longer need the -p option (in fact, make sure you remove the -p option or MSMoney Quotes won't update quotes! When just the -r option is specified without the -p option, MSMoney Quotes will use the previously saved password.

The program internally decrypts the password and uses it to open the Money file and then run as it normally would.

MSMoney is a "command-line" executable (aka a console application).It can be run from a DOS prompt, and/or a shortcut on your desktop, taskbar or start menu.Using the -r option means you will no longer need to use the -p option in your shortcut, and thus your password is more secure.Note that you will still need to enter the password in Money in order for it to open the Money file. If -o is specified, then MSMoney Quotes will automatically open Money in addition to updating quotes.