Samantha mumba dating sisqo

01 Feb

It looks like sexy star clapped so hard at the hilarious show that two of her acrylic nails fell off... Victoria just gave birth to a baby girl less than a month ago and named her Evie Dorothy Baxter.The I'M RIGHT HERE star had been dating DIY salesman MARK HENDERSON for five years before they parted ways three weeks ago.Samantha - who is in Los Angeles auditioning for film roles alongside finishing her second album - broke the news to Mark upon learning she'll be spending the next five months in Hollywood."I think it's safe to say Samantha won't be watching, she wouldn't have the channel in LA for one thing," said the friend."They've both moved on since then, I'm sure she wishes him all the best but it won't affect her life too much.

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Sam has been dating US musician Sisqo, for the past number of months, but has constantly denied there is anything other than friendship going on - like Sisqo is going to cross the Atlantic on a weekly basis just to hangout with his "friend," yeah right!

An Irish representative for the LA-based singer/actress, explained how the star is still holidaying after the festive season and has yet to comment on the fact that her ex-beau is among the celebrities in the house.

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