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14 Jan

Laws governing women’s right to divorce may be repealed, and some Muslim Brotherhood clerics believe it should be permissible to marry nine-year-old girls. But what struck me most about El Feki’s travels in the Arab world was not so much the absence of sexual fulfillment; it was the difficulty of finding romantic fulfillment in marriage.When Amina Tyler, a 19-year-old Tunisian, posted naked photos of herself on her Facebook page last month, with the words “my body is my own and not the source of anyone’s honour” written in Arabic script on her chest, clerics called for her to be stoned to death.Even the leaders of the Arab Spring’s youth movement wrote letters condemning her and making clear that this was not the revolution they were after.“Let none of you come upon his wife like an animal, and let there be an emissary between them,” the Prophet said. The idea that sexual revolution and political revolution are linked—indeed, the term “sexual revolution”—goes back to an Austrian psychoanalyst and disciple of Freud’s named Wilhelm Reich.His fiery 1936 book, (reissued most recently in 1992) argued that, “Since the core of emotional functioning is the sexual function, the core of political (pragmatic) psychology is sex politics,” and, “[t]he small, wretched, allegedly ‘unpolitical’ sexual life of man must be investigated thoroughly and mastered in relation to the problems of authoritarian society.” Reich saw the traditional family structure as a tool of fascist suppression, in which sons and daughters brought up to obey the authority of their father marched unquestioningly to the martial drum of the capitalist state.

Few predicted that the populations of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen were ready for political revolution—could it be that the changes in the Arab world are sweeping it along towards an even more daring sexual revolution?

In her book , Shereen El Feki argues that conditions in the Arab world closely resemble those that strained the sexual mores of 1950s America: urbanization, with attendant weakening of family control; a young population; and a growing sense of personal identity outside the collective.

Reich was hoping for a socialist solution to both the sexual and political problems of his day, which is not where the Middle East seems to be headed.

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