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30 May

This catalogue seems to be missing a few podcasts when compared to Nobex’s catalogue. While there is no simple way to submit podcasts for inclusion like with Nobex, you can easily subscribe to any podcasts by simply pasting their RSS feed in to the app.If you’re a podcast listener, be sure to subscribe to our UTB podcasts.We’re easy enough to find in Nobex, however, to subscribe in other podcast apps, you may need the rss feed, included below.I want to run through three of the most current apps that I’ve tried, and my pick of the bunch. g Podder is by far the most basic of the players I’m speaking about here. If a podcast you listen to isn’t listed in their library, you can easily submit it through the app by rss feed.Nobex will alert you when a new podcast episode that you’ve subscribed to is made available, although I have had trouble with this feature recently.

UTB Blogcast rss: Geek*E rss: Do you listen to podcasts? Or other apps that you think are better than the ones listed above? Black Berry on Tuesday announced it had released the first software update for the Black Berry Priv.These two options, combined with automatically downloading new episodes in the background when I’m on Wi Fi, have made b Pod irreplaceable to me.After choosing which podcasts to subscribe to, b Pod downloads episodes when they become available and places them in a playlist.But for those who've made the switch from Black Berry 10 to the Priv, the procedure is understandably new. Once your device finds the update, you'll be asked to download the 463.6 MB update by tapping on the Download button.You can either continue using your device until the download finishes, or leave it on this screen.