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14 Jun

One website states it offers “convenient, affordable, private” online counselling and offers the opportunity to talk with a “licensed, professional” therapist online.

They said the abrupt nature of being served an online bill could risk pushing them “over the edge” if finances are particularly tough.

They added: “The behaviour of this website in this instance is unethical and they need to be stopped from practising until they fix this experience and set clearer expectations for their visitors.

“There’s a big wave of developments in computerised CBT, which have benefits of increasing access hugely, “For people with higher levels of distress it’s a sticking plaster on a very big wound.

Six sessions with a programme isn’t the same as face-to-face sessions for someone who’s had a horrendous history of sexual abuse.

There is growing concern many of these websites operate using unaccredited counsellors who are not medical professionals and do not have the minimum training standards to treat serious mental illness.

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