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Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life - Six restored rural Ukrainian villages, and very nice park area.

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Well worth the visit even if you don't speak or read any Russian (several English language tours are provided daily).

It's well created and full of artifacts (including weapons, battle maps, hundreds of original photographs, and a moving installation at the end of the exhibit symbolizing the great losses suffered).

The gatehouse and other restorations were completed in the 17th century.

Outside the gates, there is a statue commemorating Bogdan Khmelnytsky, who liberated Kiev in the 17th century. Zoloti Vorota - This is 1982 reconstruction of the Golden Gates of Kiev. Andriyivskyi Uzviz - At the top of this quaint cobblestone street is St Andrew's Church.

Babi Yar - A ravine, which was the site of massacres of Jews, Gypsies, and other civilians by the German Nazis and their Ukrainian fascist flunkies during World War II.

Approximately 60,000 civilians were executed at this site during the war (over 34,000 Jews in the first two days alone).

It is closed to traffic on weekends and full of entertainers and people wandering around. Maidan Nezalezhnosti - Independence Square, located on Khreschatyk Street. The caves were dug out by priests who lived there as hermits.

Nowadays, the caves are venerated by the faithful and tourists who visit the mummified monks, and pilgrims are still allowed access to the subterranean church there.

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