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14 Jul

He starred alongside his brother in an episode of '7th Heaven' and starred as the title role in the made for TV movie ' Jason and the Argonauts.' Recently he turned up on ' Dallas' and as a voice on ' Lego Hero Factory.' Then: ' Dazed and Confused' gave a young actress named Parker Posey her debut in a feature film as seriously vicious haze-crazed cheerleader Darla Marks. ") This role gave us an early glimpse of the natural confidence that Posey would come to bring in massive doses and also showed us her mean side.Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) adalah kepala keluarga.Vito memiliki empat orang anak yaitu Santino alias Sonny, Fredo, Michael (Al Pacino), dan Connie Corleone.In his early days, playing a complete jerk was Affleck's forte.Many of you will remember him as a seedy mall employee in the Kevin Smith film ' Mallrats.' Now: Along with Mc Conaughey, Affleck has long since crossed the threshold into mega-star.

Now: Posey went on to star in a huge number of independent films including ' Party Girl,' ' Clockwatchers' and ' The House of Yes.' Posey also earned a slot in the troupe of actors that work with Christopher Guest on his mockumentaries, scoring parts in ' Best in Show,' ' Waiting for Guffman' and others.She recently started showing up as a love interest of Louis C. on his show ' Louie.' Then: Rory Cochrane's portrayal of Slater in ' Dazed and Confused' taught a whole new generation of stoners how to properly use the farewell statement "check ya later." He also played Lucas in another seminal '90s coming-of-age movie, ' Empire Records.' Now: Cochrane has starred in a myriad of minor film roles and played Tim Speedle on ' CSI: Miami.' He has been seen on an episode of '24' and stars alongside ' Dazed and Confused' alumni Milla Jovovich in the independent film ' Bringing Up Bobby,' which premiered in Cannes and is set to premiere in the US at the end of September.She also continues to model and has even dabbled in music alongside Tool frontman Maynard Keenan's side project Puscifer.Then: Ben Affleck played the notorious paddle-hungry bully Fred O' Bannion.Now: Adams' acting career never really took off the way it was expected to, and she, as well as some folks in Hollywood, think her unique voice is to blame.She has had minor roles throughout the years, mostly as girlfriends in comedies, such as her turn in Adam Sandler's ' Big Daddy.' Her latest work you've possibly seen was a recurring spot on Showtime's ' United States of Tara.' Then: Giovanni's twin sister Marissa Ribisi played the cute redhead that caught the attention of Matthew Mc Conaughey's character in ' Dazed and Confused.' He apparently loved redheads.Sure, you know what Matthew Mc Conaughey has been up to, but what about the rest?Here's what the cast has been gettin' into, man, since they definitely didn't stay the same age.