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08 Jun

[Editor’s note: and and The Daily Beast are owned by IAC.]These companies were sometimes felled by practical idiosyncrasies.“I met Nicolas at a party in Montmartre,” she tells me.“On our first date, we went to the theater, where he held my hand the whole time.The French don’t really “do” online dating, a Parisian woman told me—that is, aside from Adopte Un, “which is kind of for one-night stands,” she says.“It’s not OK to use that website.”Australians take a more relaxed approach to dating.

For example, Henning Wiechers, from Leading Dating Sites, said many American online dating companies initially offered credit cards as the sole payment method in Europe, not knowing that only 25 percent of Germans own them.Local attitudes towards online dating can also be difficult to parse.The online-dating industry is continuing to expand its borders, and the science of online matchmaking is advancing in tandem.Helen Fisher, an anthropology professor at Rutgers University and the chief scientist for, is researching how traits linked with the activities of testosterone, dopamine, estrogen, and serotonin influence attraction—with the goal of facilitating matches between people with similar or complementary brain chemistry.To maximize chances of success, online dating companies have to tailor their websites to specific customs, and uncovering those quirks can require arduous research.Gian Gonzaga, chief scientist for e Harmony, sent out thousands of questionnaires in countries including Brazil, Australia, and the U.