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16 Apr

Sure we can browse the web while chatting but then what’s the point of a video chat if you’re not looking at the other person and they’re not looking at you? I’d love to video chat with my relatives in Europe, or my best friend in Japan, but the time zone difference is too great for us to set up a video chat on skype.This is very possible, in fact many years ago, a PS2 Eye Toy game, “Puyo Pop Fever”? Whenever you start a video chat with someone on skype, below their video feed is your video so you can see what you look like and what the camera is picking up., used this method to tell you apart from the room. You would think removing your video feed from the screen would solve the problem but it won’t…If you create software that does the following: before video chatting, the camera needs to take a picture of the background without you or the chair you’re sitting in. Make sure you do NOT move the camera even slightly.After the snapshot you can start video chatting and the camera software will compare the snapshot of the background with the current image and subtract everything that was in the original snapshot (so the background (your messy room) will be removed completely but you’ll stay).

Fix: Mirror our video feed playback when we see it, that way we’re not creeped out by it.

It’s no secret that we act different when we’re being watched.

We are unaware of any specific scientific principle that could explain how a brief camera flash could heat up a Sharpie marking pen enough to induce a shock, or how Sharpie ink could facilitate conducting electricity.

After viewing several “Sharpie Shock Challenge” videos, it’s clear that some people are better actors than others, or else they’re just more sensitive: So why would anyone go through with this challenge if they believed it would result in pain?

So until someone creates a cheap hybrid lens to take care of this problem we’re stuck with wide angle lenses in our cell phones and web cams.