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06 Apr

When finally able to experience it for myself, boy did I love the ride. From the moment I illegally walked into the liquor store and looked the cashier in the eye, to the way I sauntered back to the car packed with friends, carrying a “handle” of vodka and a 30 pack of beer. It was all part of his much larger, conniving, deceitfully designed plan.

I really started drinking heavily at the age of 16 when I was given my first fake ID.

True to West Texas stereotypes, there wasn’t much to do in our town outside of high school football, basketball, and baseball.

I went to sleep hearing stories of God bringing two animals of every species onto a boat a guy named Noah built.

Every spring was the routine of picking out a new pastel shirt, hearing about Jesus dying on a cross, and chasing a saltine with some grape juice. It was just assumed I was a Christian kid that would end up okay.

It began as it does for everyone ~ socially on the weekends, centered around some event.It was like a carnival ride I had never experienced because of height restrictions.At that point it seemed like the future was in my hands; possibilities were limitless, especially in sports. Everything was going according to plan, until that spring. The devil was handing me all the pleasures of the world on a silver platter: money, popularity, influence ~ all self-gratifications.It was impossible for me to attain all those things without the repercussions that accompanies sin.There is also blood pressure screenings, raffle drawings for a free Fitbit and Coronary Calcium score. Iconic businesses like Esalen, Nepenthe, Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, Ventana, and Post Ranch are all temporarily closed.Over 1,000 Big Sur employees are out of work, and hundreds of families have been displaced.