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21 Feb

And, yes, this is a gorgeous teens-era Orpheum #2 banjo, one of those "sought after gems" for the 5-string crowd, since they play and sound darn nice.If this happens with your order we will endeavor to make and ship that product to you within two weeks of your order date.If this is not acceptable to you, we will be happy to refund just that part of your order or your whole order, whichever is your preference.More than a decade in and after thousands of miles, hundreds of performances, a handful of independently released records, 4 times awarded Best Bluegrass in Colorado, and one new mandolin player–Head for the Hills is at their absolute peak, firing on all cylinders and winning the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere they go.Head for the Hills have been bringing their music to audiences from the Telluride Bluegrass Festival to South by Southwest and a multitude of stages in between–including Summer Camp Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Rocky Grass, Del Fest, Northwest String Summit, Blue Ox Music Festival Floyd Fest, Strawberry Music Festival and many more.

All major concerns are addressed but not every single flaw may be documented.

Some problems may only become apparent as work progresses.

However, with about seven thousand definable products some may be out of stock when you order.

Although we try our best to keep everything in stock, that has never been possible.

For best results, we recommend a professional luthier.

Instruments sold AS-IS may be returned, but the buyer will be responsible for all shipping, handling and insurance costs.

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