15 Apr

Să adăugăm că tămîia reflectă mireasma ei: efortul, poticnirile, sacrificiul.

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Yet, he'd just done it, as if he'd done nothing at all. Their pelvises suddenly equipped with powerful magnets, drawing closer and closer to each other. With that, he scooped her up and carried her to her bed, taking no care as he pulled back the sheets, dropping Samantha underneath them. ) He yanked open Samantha's corset, releasing her ample breasts (OH BOY, of course they're huge, right? There they are.), and furiously began unbuckling his breechesssssss (Oooops sorry!

Face to face, heat emanating from their bodies with every beat of their hearts. Removing her dress was easy enough, but he could see that the rest would be a little bit trickier. Sorry.) When his throbbing member was finally freed, he didn't hesitate to throw up her skirt (remember, she's a VIRGIN GUYS, here it comes) and enter her for the first time*&dal;!! It's REALLY HARD to rub one out in your office chair with your legs up and also keep writing a fucking romance novel, okay fellas!!!!?? He quickly began pummeling her pulsating sex at a steady, but forceful pace.

* 5(five) – indicates you love doing this activity as often as possible. – indicates you are not familiar with the activity or do not understand the question * / – indicates that you understand the activity but are unsure of how to answer Part 1 – Safety I am mainly into : (D/s, Sadism, Masochism, Bondage, Fetish, Power Exchange) Safety Codes: Red: Stop Yellow: I\’m ok but slower/less/careful Green: I\’m fine, go on, more Safeword: Visible bruises/cuts/marks must be avoided (Y/N): Heath Issues: (Hemophilia, Allergies, Asthma, Breathing Problems, Blood Sugar Issues, Circulation) Medications: Have you taken any medications, including Aspirin within the last 4 – 6 hours.

Please include any Prescription medication you are on.

Pe de altă parte, și întîi-stătătorii Orientului, urmașii celor trei regi-magi, ar trebui să ia exemplul atenției lor anagogice.

Adică al privirii orientate spre cer, spre stelele călătoare care merg încotro vrea Duhul…

Tradiția vorbește însă de trei personaje, le dă numele (Melchior, Gaspar și Balthazar) și specifică apartenența fiecăruia: Melchior e al Persiei, Gaspar – al Indiei, iar Balthazar al Arabiei.