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18 Jan

Unfortunately, there was nothing impersonal about this newsletter.

finds that Nadia has also captured Mc Caffery and she is bringing them both back to Atlantis to be executed.

Charlie Sheen (Anger Management) Jon Cryer (Superman 4) Angus T.

Maybe Charlie is feeling a bit too tied down himself at the young age of 40 (though he’s actually 42), because it seems that he wants to live vicariously through Jake.

After much prodding, Jake finally agrees to go talk to the girl.

Rose and Berta discover Charlie’s boundery after following the couple around the house and stopping at his bedroom door to eavesdrop.Also, Jake gets into the egg nog, unaware that the egg nog’s filled with burbon and becomes inebriated, starting with his dancing and muttering around the house and ending with his narrating “T’was the night before christmas” and throwing up all over the back of Herb and Judith’s car on the way home. is also at the Triangle, and his necklace triggers another surge of light, which causes Torres to crash her jet. In the water, Nadia reveals herself to not only be a Siren, but the one that took his mother. The ending only left me wanting more, and it left me wondering why the heck CW passed up on it. It was after all a pilot, so they were setting up the story lines. Ving, Lou, and the rest of the cast did a great job as well. I found the story lines to be really interesting, and the special effects were awesome.

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