Updating avast

06 Feb

My notebook (Dell Inspiron 11, 3000 series w/ Pentium) seems to be running slower ever since I upgraded to Windows 10. After reading/following this thread it's clear that Avast should've taken a more active role in customer service.So my opinion is you're paying for a product that doesn't work, and you don't get an extension to your subscription even though it is not the buyer's fault.If you want a product that doesn't do what it promises, then you can make one up yourself and when it doesn't work at least you haven't lost any money. It will be helpful to know any support case or ticket numbers you have as well as the email you used to register Avast.That will be your restore option in case things go wonky after the cleaning.Yes, Avast Cleanup is safe to use Here's more info:https:// There is always an inherent "risk" when performing changes to the Windows registry; Cleanup is designed to remove outdated registry entries that are safe to remove, and can speed things up.https://help.avast.com/en/av_free/10/page_If you have any other questions we're happy to help. After I paid for the product it took nearly a week to get an activation code from Avast (with no hint they would extend my subscription).

But after sending more information to the email address you gave, including ticket number, my original email from Avast Customer Care, and a link to this page containing our exchange, I have heard nothing.Not even an acknowedgment saying someone would look into it. After paying for a year's subscription it took me a week to get an activation code, which is very slow service for a tech-type company.2.We do want to be available to help if you encounter any problems in the future, and we thank you for your patience.Also, we recently updated our support portal -- we're constantly working to improve the support process and we hope that it's useful for you. That is to pay Avast for their claim to improve performance by resolving a number of issues that initially came up during a scan.