Dating the right guy

08 Mar

Ladies, let’s not waste time wondering if he’s the one.

This all goes back to body language, grab his attention by looking over at him and if you lock eyes for him send a smile his way, if he smiles back wave him over.

The first step is already done and it is more than likely than he will strike up the conversation you’ve been waiting for since you started a little flirtation.

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We became more physical in expressing our feelings. He bought me small gifts and his well-timed kisses melted my heart. We were rarely not with the other, as if glued at the hip. The times he seemed to be elsewhere and I’d have to draw his attention back to me. Midnights would find me hugging my pillow in tears, not knowing how to talk with him about this change in his feelings for me. I watched as he slipped out of my life, gradually at first. Two months later he appeared outside of one of my favorite hangouts and asked if we could talk. I took him back, and things were the way they had been when we first met. If they can’t see around your hangups and quirks, then they don’t truly care. If there is something you want to change about yourself, you have to do it for you. It’s not fair to him or you, and most likely he is not going to like you for the real you when it surfaces, and it will. If you are in the grip of heartbreak from a breakup, we understand how devastating and embarrassing it can be.

But soon, it would be just the two of us walking along or in conversation in the corner of the room. He was really into and wanted to do the things I liked. The red rims under his eyelids he said were because work and school were getting to him. I know they meant well in telling me, but I really didn’t want to know. He told me we got too close and it scared him, but he realized being without me was worse. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Three months later he appeared at my door. Don’t hide your true self thinking the person you want to attract would be turned off by it, and try not to always do things or say things just to please the other one. If they don’t like you for who you are, it won’t work. You can’t try to be a different person than who you are just because your heart is drawn to someone. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you need to deal with it — not depend on someone to make you feel better.