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03 Jul

Her lawsuit, which names the Brownstein family and Penn State as defendants, asks a judge to vacate her disciplinary record and award damages for defamation and inflicting emotional distress.

She writes that Lader left her daughter behind on a planned trip to Copenhagen, actively sought to exclude her from conversation, then insisted during a trip to Prague on bringing a man back to their shared hotel room, forcing Brownstein to find other accommodations for the night.

"In the sorority, it is generally understood that you do not cross Rachel Lader - better to pretend to be her friend, than be her enemy," Amy Brownstein wrote.

Penn State got involved at the Brownsteins' request in March, launching a disciplinary investigation against Lader while both women were attending school in Spain.

Lader contends in her lawsuit that the process was stacked against her from the start, and that the school's investigators discounted any evidence she provided and relied primarily on the Brownsteins' account.

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