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25 May

Little people are probably just as likely to marry or have long-term relationships as average-sized people, says Leah Smith, vice president of public relations for LPA. They may have to deal with prejudice from average-sized people — Smith says lots of her female friends have been told by men, "If you weren't little I would date you." And if they want to date other little people, they have to navigate dating in a community that's small and spread out — and can have a big gender imbalance.

The casts from the 2 cities have been going at it for awhile, and while D'Quan gets points for chivalry, someone's not leaving with a dry eye ...

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Despite the single life feeling foreign to the mother of four, she chooses to put herself out there and participates in a singles outing.

“I feel like I’m in high school again.” “Be adventurous.

It doesn't mean you can't date, but it's harder."Because of this, a lot of relationships between little people start out long-distance.That's how things are right now for Becky and her boyfriend of a little over a year.Take a chance,” she says of her new mindset, which includes her going on date that ends with a kiss!A clash has been a brewin' between the casts of "Little Women: Atlanta" and its Dallas sister show thanks to a bunch of online trash talking, and -- no surprise -- things got real physical.Download the datasheet or contact our product specialist.