Calderdale dating

07 Feb

Bingley is a town to the north west of Bradford on the road to Keighley.A more unusual feature of Bradford's Victorian history, occasionally promoted as a tourist attraction, is the Undercliffe Cemetery which is famous for its extravagant and outstanding Victorian funereal art and architecture.Buildings of the more modern era include the National Media Museum which opened in 1983.The village was part of the Municipal Borough of Pudsey alongside Farsley until 1974, though for centuries previously both Pudsey and Farsley were part of the Calverley parish.Bradford has an Anglo-Saxon name that means the broad ford.

The model village was built for the workers at the mill.Eight-hundred or so houses were built, along with a public dining hall, schools, a hospital, a church and almshouses. Salt's Mill is now a gallery which displays the work of the Bradford born artist David Hockney.The style of the City Hall is Victorian Gothic with a huge clock tower based on the Pallazzo Vecchio in Florence.Bradford's Victorian buildings were often influenced by classical European styles.Even industrial buildings were influenced by such styles including Lister's Mill (1873) in the Manningham area of Bradford, with its 250 feet high chimney styled like an Italian bell tower.Perhaps the most famous Victorian building in Bradford is Lockwood and Mawson's St George's Hall, a concert hall in Bridge Street dating from 1851.Local residents objected to the closure of the old route because the new road proved to be very steep.Calverley and Rodley railway station on the line of the former Leeds and Bradford Railway was opened in 1846, closed to passengers in 1965 and to freight in 1968.

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