Nick jonas and selena gomez are not dating

01 Apr

I’m not sure if this is cool confidence or anxiety.The littlest things are impactful."This marks the first time Gomez has spoken about Bieber since their recent reunion.Gomez is "really proud" of the fact that she still has a "true friendship" with The Weeknd after they split up.Tropez, where the two were spotted showering together, which ignited lesbian rumors.Gomez addressed the gay buzz with Pride Source, saying, "I didn't mind it. ' They’re all about it, for sure." Do her gay friends ever hook her up with these fellas? "Whoever I’m with or like or don’t like, they’re all about dissecting it and putting me with other people." WATCH: Selena Gomez Talks Dating After Being 'Super in Love' However, Gomez divulged that she's not focused on dating right now.

But loyalty and honesty can mean something completely separate.And I think altering or editing myself for the sake of others has been something that I have done my whole life. It took me about five years and moments where I needed to step away and be alone and fight those fights on my own, or go away to a place where I could focus on that," she says.When the video starts playing, she looks across our table a few times to peek at the screen.So, I get up and crouch down beside her, and together, we watch her slink around a mirrored studio while a reverse harem of male dancers contorts around her.It's me going to get coffee earlier this morning and talking with a woman who was celebrating her birthday and going to Disneyland for the first time.I told her about my favorite things there, and she got excited, and then I got excited because she was excited.