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28 May

Rather than investigate further, they threw a flash-grenade and cuffed a 68-year old lady.

This is an important decision for police practices (at least in the 7th Circuit) and it’s already being covered in the legal news.

See report in the Evansville Courier & Press: “Appeals Court: EPD not shielded from liability in SWAT raid lawsuit” by Mark Wilson.

The primary LOF manufacturing sites for Camaro were LOF Plants 6, 8, and 10.

LOF Plant 8 in Toledo, OH (now closed) manufactured laminated glass, tempered float glass, and tempered plate glass, (the differences between these glass types is discussed later below) and primarily supplied the Norwood, Ohio Camaro assembly line.

Upon researching Picasso's previous gemmaux pieces earlier this year, auction house Guernsey's in New York inquired upon the museum's while seeing it labelled as such after its gift from international designer Raymond Loewy.'Now that we have a full understanding of the requirements and additional expenses to display, secure, preserve and insure the piece, it is clear those additional costs would place a prohibitive financial burden on the museum,' said R Steven Krohn, president of the museum's board of trustees in a statement.Still one of the world’s reigning top artists, Picasso's Garcon a la Pipe, painted when he was aged 24, is one of the most expensive works of art having been sold for 4 million (£58 million) in 2004.LOF continues to do business as a division of Pilkington and has reissued their old glasses under the name Pilkington Classics.A tertiary supplier of first-generation Camaro glass was Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG), which also supplied equivalent glass to the Firebird assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio.Ok so, crazy-internet-threat-guy gets arrested for marijuana that sort of makes sense, but murder? Then again if it turns out that he did murder the DJ, well then, maybe flash-grenades were warranted?They shouldn’t have immunity for cavalier law enforcement, but exactly what is excessive force if it’s really a murderous gang-member? The author particularly wants to acknowledge the help and assistance of Mr. Frank Lovett of PPG, as well as the helpful critique of the other members of the Camaro Research Group.