Okcupid online dating lies

10 Aug

Shifting the conversation to where you like spending your free time is more valuable information than letting your date know where you happen to currently be located — especially in New York City, where calculating potential commute times between apartments can kill connections before they even happen.According to the recently released book “Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking),” written by Ok Cupid co-founder Christian Rudder and drawing on data from Ok Cupid as well as Match.com, e Harmony and Tinder, everyone lies a bit.And even though it’s disconcerting, a few falsehoods aren’t necessarily a bad thing — and may actually put you ahead, say dating experts.He clinked glasses with me and said, ‘Here’s to having a reason to stay in San Diego,’ where we were living at the time, which was the perfect response.It wasn’t committal, while still letting me know that he also felt a spark.” If you’re allergic, that’s one thing, but if you simply don’t care for a certain cuisine or activity, that might be a good thing to keep on the down-low if it’s suggested for a first date.

“It can be easy to self-sabotage by revealing too much information, at least at first,” says Julia Armet, a matchmaker for the concierge dating service Tawkify.Here, five things it’s okay to lie (a little) about — at least on the first few getting-to-know-you dates. But the 32-year-old lawyer was dismayed at the dearth of eligible matches she found on various online dating sites — until she changed her ZIP code to the Union Square area.“I work near there, so theoretically, it would be most convenient to have dates there,” explains Stephanie, who asked not to use her last name. I didn’t think of it as a lie, and none of the men I dated — including my now-fiancé — seemed to notice, or care, when I explained where I lived.