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18 Feb

But there would be no real clue as to what would happen." We spent many hours finding just the right links and created four web pages on the computer.

"Can you think of a way to get things going that aren't silly strip games or cards etc." I Said.

"I don't know offhand but Allan and I will try to think of something significant and let you know." Thanking me she made her exit and left.

Rula seemed to be very upset by this and continued until Mustafa was rock hard. I'm going to enjoy playing with it." She was no sooner finished talking than she stroked him hard and quickly and one or two reminded her she was supposed to suck him off before he pulled out and came on her face.

She then slid his boxers off revealing a dark brown nine inch cock that she could hardly wrap her hand round. She complied and was getting very into it taking him almost all the way in her throat when he said, stiffly.

The pics loaded slowly and in the third a man popped up only to be undressed by the woman and sucked to ejaculation on her face, she didn't strip at all. "I thought the woman stripping was involved and Mustafa is going to come on Rula.It hardly seems fair." Others reminded him of what Allan had explained and he was placated. Rula stepped up to Mustafa and proceeded to undress him, kneeling to undo his trousers and put into the position to fellate him as in the picture.She performed the action and posed for a while as in the most revealing picture, then re-dressed.This was necessary to allow the game to start from that state for every choice. "I have to admit that was exciting but I am also relieved that the first one wasn't the worst, or best, possible outcome." I asked Christine to go next and again Frank nominated Allan.We agreed a rule that once a man had interacted they could not be chosen immediately again.Christine clicked on her chosen picture and it opened a page where she would have to be completely nude and even show off her pussy and arse.We had arrived early and Allan had connected our gear to the Wi-Fi and HDMI to the 50 inch TV on Christine's wall. There were many questions about what was happening and eventually I asked Allan to explain. All the pictures on the pages have links to the full set of pictures of the woman who will strip some or all of her clothes." "The first page will have links to reasonably mild sets where the ultimate would be stripping completely naked, but there is one 'live round' that would require a man to strip and do whatever is depicted.As there are only six women to play there might not be more to do as there are twelve pics to each page." "The husband of the woman choosing the original pic will nominate one of the other men to interact should it prove necessary." Allan continued." The other pages will build on the first one in what happens but whoever clicks on the link, and the nominated man will do whatever is depicted in the pictures shown." Allan went on.

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