Who is dylan spouse dating

22 Jul

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Throughout the first two seasons, Dylan's relationship with Brenda helps him through several traumatic events, including his struggle with alcoholism and his father's arrest (and eventual conviction) for several white-collar crimes.

However, when Dylan takes Brenda to Mexico against her father's wishes, her father forbids her to date him.

After he stands up to some bullies for freshman student Scott Scanlon, he is befriended by Brandon Walsh and through Brandon; Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Brenda Walsh, Andrea Zuckerman and David Silver, Dylan grows close to all of them, and they help soften his rebel attitude.

Dylan eventually starts dating Brenda, and despite her father's (Jim Walsh) protests, the two soon fall in love.

Brenda refuses to obey and moves in with Dylan, who becomes increasingly unhappy in the relationship due to his feud with Jim Walsh, and their new living arrangement annoys Dylan to the point that he nearly ends their relationship.

At this point, Jim proposes to send Brenda to France (in lieu of Kelly Taylor )for a summer French immersion program.

Dylan and Brenda break up, and Dylan heads straight for Kelly.

This doesn't last long either -- after Brenda sees them on a date and gets angry at them, they take a step back from their potential relationship.

With Brenda in Paris, Dylan starts spending a great deal of time with Kelly, helping her babysit her little sister and entering a doubles beach volleyball tournament with her.

The two have a strictly physical affair, but Kelly ends it out of loyalty to Brenda.