19 Apr

When she returns from her weekly date with one of her four extramarital partners, she tells him as much, or as little, as he likes.In some cases, people have copied photos and comments from his page to make the fake versions look more authentic.Later, as people learned to plant crops and settle in one place, marriage became a way for men to guarantee kids, and for women — who couldn’t push heavy plows or carry loads of crops to market — to eat and keep a roof over their heads.In other words, they’re women (and men) who paid off their own student loans, fooled around on Tinder — and grew up with a notion of personal independence much different from the one taught in the 1st century A.For them, and for their more conventional peers, Jessie has some advice: Talk to your partner about monogamy.

The general said Monday that with the help of followers, he and his staff have uncovered more than 700 fake profiles in the last six months since he took over the U.

Many of the pages look like dating profiles — which that have been fraudulently set up for retired Marine Gen.

“I DO NOT use any dating sites, skype, google plus, yahoo messenger or any other account.” The general added that most of the scammers appear to be in Ghana and Nigeria.

“I am happily married and my wife Ann is very much alive and my children do not need money for any medical procedures,” Campbell said in his post.

(It’s why we have agreed to just use her first name in this story.) Jessie doesn’t plan to tell her children, though she could see it coming up one day.