Desktop manager zes updating

19 Jul

To upgrade to our newer software, please install Maker Bot Print.

If you are using a Replicator 2X, we recommend continuing with the Maker Bot Desktop software.

If you are not sure whether you have the latest version of Maker Bot Desktop: Please ensure that you have the latest firmware, as the most recent software is optimized to run with the most recent firmware.

Have you ever wondered why Remote Desktop Manager sometimes asks you to upgrade the database – and other times it doesn’t?

Well, the question crossed my mind the last time I was prompted to upgrade, so I did some digging, and here’s the simple answer.

In Order to install the Audio Quest Device Manager Application: Download the latest Device Manager for your operating system (download below).END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: DO NOT INSTALL, COPY OR USE THE ENCLOSED SOFTWARE, DOCUMENTATION (AS DEFINED BELOW), OR ANY PORTION THEREOF, (COLLECTIVELY "SOFTWARE") UNTIL YOU HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND AGREED TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.But when your advanced data sources aren’t affected, there’s no need to upgrade – and so you aren’t asked to do so. The user performing the update must be the administrator of the system.Moreover, since working in a team environment make certain to be the sole user connected to the database during the database update, you will then be able to proceed with the update on all workstations.As Devolutions’ Product Marketing Specialist my role consist in staying up-to-date with the latest updates made to our software to create weekly technical blogs and tutorial videos to keep our clients informed.I am also in charge of the creation and overall successful organization of marketing events and trade-shows.