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15 May

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Her answer is that while it is true that a computer does not require double spaces between sentences, you should continue to use two spaces on the typewriter. But mostly it has to do with the fact that anyone still using a typewriter has been at it too long to be retrained. I I was out at a furniture store this weekend and encountered something I’d never seen before (though maybe I’m just new to the furniture store circuit): a cocktail ottoman. Basically, it’s a giant, flat ottoman (the one I saw was a huuuuge black leather square.

When I read Miss Manners‘ column this morning (well, really it was Sunday’s column), I knew I’d read it–and even written about it! So imagine my surprise when in the deep little help please archives, I couldn’t find the post that I was sure would contain precisely the phrase I recognized in the column. Like, I could have stretched out across it diagonally).

Miss Manners answered the question as if the young woman had opened the gift, snorted, reached for her i Phone, and tweeted “diamond earrings!?

#donotwant” But the LW actually writes that her daughter “ told him she didn’t like/want” them.

When one signs onto any form of instant messaging and notices via one’s contact list that someone else is already online, to whom is the ultimate responsibility to take notice? I get stubborn and decide to wait, and after months, I will break down and initiate a chat with him. And, then, there is the friend who almost always “hides” that she is online.He almost always responds and we chat for a bit, exchange pics, news, etc. Also, what about friends who never reply when I initiate a chat?