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28 Jul

Some insurance companies are so impressed with dash cam possibilities, that they offer 10% discounts on annual car insurance rates for customers with a car camera.

The majority of UK drivers that have already installed a dash cam indicated that the reason they did so was to be able to record the course of events during an accident (59%).

If the worst does happen, it’s recorded, timed and dated.

Busy country roads, congested city streets and motorways are continuously putting the skills of even the best drivers to the test. At the same time, insurance fraudsters up their game too.

That is why the popularity of dash cams will continue to rise without a doubt. Four in ten drivers in the UK are planning to install a dash cam, according to recent research from the RAC.

Most of the Mi Vue TM 500 series dash cams have an integrated high- sensitivity GPS receiver, which allows you to track your position at all times.

The image, direction, speed and geographical coordinates are automatically recorded, and when using the Mi Vue Manager desktop software on your PC or MAC, it displays the recorded information in Google Maps TM.

Or how about sharing that wonderful trip through beautiful scenery with family or loved ones? There are no laws which prevent a driver from using a dash cam correctly in the UK.

Or showing your aging parents what that old neighbourhood looks like nowadays? Drivers do need to make sure however that they do not block their view of the road, or allow themselves to be able to see the screen of the camera as they are driving, either directly or by reflection.

While Camera Systems are a stable mechanic in the franchise, they are not traditionally used until Night 5. While you're playing the game, you will notice several cameras scattered around the establishment.

The cameras are mentioned throughout the nights and are used during the Fake Ending.