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08 Apr

And as she nears the chorus, the grandmother briefly fumbles through the lyric 'I got 99 problems, but a b***h ain't one!

The 83-year-old woman was cremated after dying in Hanover on June 10th, and her children and grandchildren had her ashes sent to Sweden where they live in order to hold a funeral in Stockholm County.

The package with the urn was sent on June 29th and entered Sweden on July 1st according to tracking information, but after reaching Kramfors 460km north of Stockholm it then went missing, with conflicting information provided about where it may have been taken since, according to the family. I have called the postal service three or four times a week and it takes time to get through to a caseworker.

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She looks to her grandson, who informs the group that the song is almost over and a small twinge of disappointment can almost be seen on her face.And before the video ends, grandma gets one last '99 problems, but a b***h ain't one' in before the one of her grandchildren says its done.Well here are three things you want to convey to someone..Telling them they are attractive and you are interested in meeting up for sex is easy, I mean, why would you be lying?The German funeral firm that cremated the woman told her son it is standard practice to send an urn through registered international mail as a method of transport, and the family now wants compensation from Swedish-Danish postal service Postnord due to the distress caused.Postnord told The Local that their first priority is to track down the package. Now we're focusing all of our energy first on finding the mail, and also on clearing up what has gone wrong to prevent it from happening again.If you were not interested you wouldn’t say anything.Let them know what you look like, send them a few images and explain you want them to know exactly what you look like.